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Colorado laws related to the use and possession of marijuana have gone through sweeping reform and change during the past several years as a consequence of voters directly amending the State Constitution to permit the medical use of marijuana and through Amendment 64 the recreational use and possession of less than one ounce.  While possession of even small amounts of marijuana remains illegal under federal law, the federal government has taken a mostly hands off approach to enforcement in Colorado where voters have legalized medical marijuana and possession of less than one ounce for personal use.  However, many communities in Colorado have chosen to tighten their local regulations to make it difficult for anyone to legally obtain and possess marijuana in these communities.  It also remains anyone’s guess when the federal government may decide to enforce existing federal marijuana laws in Colorado.  In fact, those that are involved in the burgeoning marijuana industry need to be especially careful that their activities not run afoul of federal laws that criminalize activities that facilitate others in commission of such offenses.

At Seawell and Buckmelter, PC we have extensive experience in defending individuals charged with offenses related to the medical cultivation, distribution and use of marijuana at both the state and federal level.

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Vigorous Defense for Clients Facing Marijuana Charges

Criminal law attorneys Malcolm Seawell and Vince Buckmelter have extensive trial experience handling serious drug cases in Colorado. With experience in both prosecution and defense of marijuana possession charges, our attorneys have the knowledge and skill to provide effective representation to clients facing charges for misdemeanor or felony marijuana offenses, including:

  • Cultivation of marijuana
  • Possession of chemicals used for manufacturing/cultivating marijuana
  • Minor in possession of marijuana or other illegal drugs

We are also experienced handling cases involving larger quantities of marijuana. When significant amounts of drugs are confiscated or found on the individual, aggravated charges for possession with intent to distribute, marijuana sale/distribution or drug trafficking may also be pursued.

Our meticulous attention to detail has proven effective in defending clients facing serious drug charges, including charges for marijuana possession. When drugs are confiscated from our client’s home or car, we evaluate if there were violations of our client’s constitutional rights. If there was not probable cause for a traffic stop or to search the vehicle, evidence obtained from the search may be suppressed from trial. Likewise, if there was not a valid search warrant to search the home or the drugs found were outside of the scope of the search warrant, a search and seizure violation has occurred and such evidence shall be suppressed from trial.

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