Denver Domestic Violence Defense Law Firm

“Domestic Violence” is not itself a separate crime in Colorado. Instead, domestic violence is a description of a long list of crimes that can fall into the category of domestic violence crimes, including Third Degree Assault, Criminal Mischief, Stalking, Harassment, Threats, False Imprisonment, and Obstruction of a 911 call. Domestic Violence crimes can be any of the above crimes when committed against a person with whom the perpetrator has been intimate if done for a certain purpose. In addition to other penalties, the characterization of a crime as a domestic violence crime brings required sentencing of 36 weeks of domestic violence counseling.

In domestic violence cases, the alleged victim will often seek to obtain a Permanent Civil Restraining Order in addition to the Mandatory Protection Order that will be issued by the Court in the criminal case. The defense of this civil restraining order can be critical not only to your future rights, but also in the preparation of the defense of your criminal case.

Mandatory Arrest

Furthermore, Colorado has a mandatory arrest provision in the law which requires the mandatory arrest of the primary aggressor if the police find evidence that someone has been injured in a domestic dispute. And, don’t count on not getting prosecuted even if the so-called “victim” admits they were lying and takes it all back. In Colorado, you can be prosecuted by the state without the victim’s consent.

If you, or someone you know, has been charged in a domestic violence matter and needs help getting out of jail or getting back into their home, contact the experienced criminal defense attorneys at Seawell & Buckmelter, PC, for assistance right now. We handle all pretrial issues, including any civil hearings on temporary restraining orders as well as all trial issues.

Child Abuse Allegations Defense Team

Another major category of crimes relating to domestic or family violence are those involving charges of child abuse, like failure to use appropriate parental discipline, and child neglect, or child sexual assault.

Immigration Issues

Criminal charges stemming from domestic violence or family violence cases can have dire consequences for foreign nationals living and working in the United States. Don’t get deported. If you are an immigrant from another country who has been charged with a crime, get help now.