Denver Colorado Violent Crime Defense Lawyers
Violent Crimes Defense
In Colorado, conviction for a crime of violence generally carries a mandatory DOC prison sentence. At Seawell & Buckmelter, PC, we are committed to keeping our clients out of jail or prison. We seek the best possible result for each of our clients whether that requires good plea bargaining or taking the case to trial.

We represent persons who have been charged with violent crimes, whether the charges stem from incidents of domestic violence or other circumstances. We also serve as legal counsel for those charged with assaults involving guns, knives, or other deadly weapons.

As criminal defense attorneys, we are legal advocates for drivers who have committed vehicular murder or manslaughter as well as attempted murder. Lawyers who know how to handle violent crimes charges have to be tough and smart. We are. If you have been charged with any crime of violence, including 1st degree assault or 2nd degree assault, assault with a deadly weapon, assault on a police officer, battery, or attempted murder, lawyers from Seawell & Buckmelter, PC, can help.

“Make my Day” Defense of Property Defense

Colorado has a unique defense for homeowners who, during the defense of their home, cause the death of the burglar or other person who has broken into their home with the intent to commit a property crime.

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