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Motorcycle Accidents

motorcycle accident

Colorado Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Helping Motorcycle Accident Victims across Colorado.

As Colorado motorcycle accident attorneys, we know how catastrophic a motorcycle accident can be. Speeding, alcohol, or drug use, and disobeying traffic laws by either party, greatly increases the chances of a serious accident.

Many bikers take precautions to avoid accidents. However, too often the other driver’s mistakes cause serious accidents. Even when all safety measures have been made, there is no way to eliminate the risk, even for the most skilled bikers.

What’s worse is that so many bikers don’t know what to do after a motorcycle accident. Seeking motorcycle accident legal advice could be the best decision that a biker can make, after an accident.

It is important for an experienced, qualified trial lawyer, who understands Colorado motorcycle accidents, to review your case. Our team has the resources and experience to fully evaluate your case and provide a complete analysis of your claim.

The attorneys at Seawell and Buckmelter have helped Rochester Motorcycle Accident victims, Buffalo Motorcycle Accident Victims, and accident victims across Colorado.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident and don’t know what to do, call Seawell and Buckmelter now at 303.297.3200 or contact us.

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Motorcycle FAQ

How many people are injured or killed in motorcycle accidents?
Astonishingly, nearly 2,000 motorcyclists die each year and approximately 50,000 are injured.  Nearly 80% of all motorcycle accidents in the United States result in injury or death.

What it the main cause of death in these accidents?
Head injuries are the main cause of death among motorcyclists.  Unfortunately there is no barrier between your head and the ground, other than your helmet.

How can I protect myself as a motorcyclist?
Ride defensively and be aware of your surroundings.  Also, obey the laws and follow the speed limit.  In addition to wearing a helmet, other safety gear, such as eye protection, gloves, appropriate footwear, leg guards and jackets can help reduce your risk of serious injury.

What should I do if I’m involved in an accident?
First seek proper medical attention and make sure the authorities are notified.  Then you should contact Seawell and Buckmelter and allow us to start gathering information.  Motorcycle law can be complicated, but as with all accidents, there are steps you should follow at the accident scene.  

What if a loved one has been killed in an accident?
In these unfortunate situations, a family member may be entitled to claim for wrongful death depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident.