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Juvenile Court Cases

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At Seawell & Buckmelter, PC, we know that for a parent, being awakened in the middle of the night with a call from the police, or waiting up for your teenager to come home, wondering what has happened, can be very traumatic. We have been there for parents on many occasions. We handle all juvenile charges from the more minor ones of vandalism, graffiti, and other property crimes, and minor in possession of marijuana, and other drug charges to serious crimes , including sex offenses, crimes of violence, and weapons charges.

Colorado Juvenile Law Attorneys

Young people who are accused of committing crimes, either misdemeanors or felonies, are charged under the youthful offender system (YOF) which is a different system from the adult criminal justice system. First of all, there is no right to a jury trial under the youthful offender program. Rather, a juvenile is given an “adjudication of delinquency” instead of a “conviction.”

Under the youthful offender system (YOF), a juvenile can be charged as an adult but sentenced as a juvenile. Without extensive experience of juvenile practice, a lawyer may not understand this unique aspect of the YOF.

If you are a juvenile or the parent of a minor who has been arrested for crimes allegedly committed, you want an attorney who is skilled at the juvenile justice system to represent you. Contact the Colorado juvenile law attorneys at Seawell & Buckmelter, PC, for a free initial consultation immediately.