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Computer Crime Defense

Computer crimeDenver, Colorado Computer Crime Lawyers

We handle all crimes stemming from use of the Internet and computers, including sex charges such as internet child pornography or internet luring. We also defend people charged with theft crimes, including identity theft. If you are being confronted with charges involving computers or the Internet, contact the experienced computer crime lawyers at Seawell & Buckmelter, PC.

Laws defining computer crimes and their associated penalties are always changing. As technology changes, the law must rush to catch up and many people are left wondering what is legal and what is illegal. If you have been accused of a computer crime, it is imperative you hire an attorney familiar with the territory. An experienced criminal defense attorney will understand the charges levied against you, be they federal or state, and do all he can to protect your rights.

These type of crimes can cause tremendous future harm if they end up on your criminal record. We have extensive experience defending adults and juveniles against these type of charges and appreciate the importance of trying to preserve a person’s criminal record for future employment goals.

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